Cumberland Project

CUMBERLAND, the extreme N.W. county of England, bounded on the N. by Dumfriesshire and Roxburghshire, on the E. by Northumberland and Durham, on the S.E. by Westmoreland, Lancashire, and the estuary of the Duddon, and on the W. by the Irish Sea and the Solway Frith. Its greatest length from S.W. to N.E. is 74 miles, and its breadth 34 miles. It contains 1,565 square miles, or 1,001,273 acres, being about 215 miles in circuit. It lies between 54° 11′ and 55° 12′ N. lat., and between 2° 17′ and 3° 37′ W. long. In form it is an irregular rhomboid, with the acute angles at the N. and S. extremities.

[The National Gazetteer (1868)]

Voucher Parishes

Wigton is in the forest of Allendale, 306 miles from London. In the highway here are several altars pitched, which they say were brought from Ellenborough and Old Carlisle. Its market is on Tuesdays; fair March 25. On the approach to this place, a fine view opens to the northward; a rich vale, bounded by the Scotch hills, over which Scruffell frowns with that pre-eminence that Skiddow assumes over the neighbouring mountains to the right.

[Universal British Directory volume 5 (1792-5), p. 241]