Miss Elizabeth Proud of Hard Bank Mill

Elizabeth was born in 1818, the second daughter of Elizabeth and John Proud (see https://thepoorlaw.org/elizabeth-proud-woollen-mill-owner-and-manufacturer-hard-bank-mill-hayton/) . She was baptised on 28 June at the parish church of St Mary Magdalen, Hayton. Her father died in 1823.  Hard Bank Mill continued to operate with Elizabeth’s mother in charge of operations. In the 1841 Census, Elizabeth and her siblings, Jane and Edward, were listed as wool carders.

After the death of Mrs Elizabeth Proud in 1851,  her daughter Elizabeth appears on Census returns as either manager at the mill or as housekeeper for her brother. It was common for female occupations to go unrecorded. She received no inheritance from her mother in her will, but she may have received in-life gifts. Her mother’s estate was divided between  Jane and Edward.

It is unclear from local newspaper reports on the stealing of fleeces in 1848, whether Elizabeth or her mother was running the Mill at the time. The report in the Carlisle Journal (11/8/1848,CASCAT) does not make this clear.

Elizabeth continued to reside at the Mill until her death in 1873. Her small estate was left to her sister Jane. Edward continued to be associated with the Mill until it was sold.

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