Greystoke in 1829

In Jollie gave a long description of Greystoke Castle. He had less to say about the village itself. ‘Greystock or Greystoke, the village which is the head of this parish, is pleasantly situated near the source of the river Petterill … near the south-east corner of the large and beautiful park in which stands Greystoke castle, a modern edifice, erected about 160 years ago by the Hon. Charles Howard, and greatly improved by his grandson, the late Duke of Norfolk, who bequeathed it and the barony to his nephew the Hon. Henry Howard, who now resides there. [There then follows a description of the castle and grounds] … Greystoke church is a spacious edifice, dedicated to St Andrew.’

It was largely an agricultural parish. The other main sources of employment were limestone quarrying and lime-burning particulalry in the nineteenth century. The medieval church was restored 1818.


William Parson and William White, History, Directory and Gazetteer of Cumberland and Westmorland (Leeds: Edward Baines and Son, 1829)

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